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Get your company on the path to success

Strategise, Deliver, Mitigate

Strategise approval pathways ….

….Acknowledge operational realities …

….Deliver environmental management, resource asset management and access, audits and compliance, training …

Identify and mitigate potential roadblocks

The Ardent Group provides strategic project and operational management services dedicated to helping our clients.


Our extensive knowledge, vast experience and detailed understanding of legislative processes and requirements, combined with our strong commercial skills and understanding of operational requirements, enables us to create specific client / project outcomes. 

At Ardent Group our goal is to assist our clients by:


Reducing and minimising

   project risks

Providing a clear focus on

   statutory and project


Delivering our services in a

   most cost-effective and

   efficient manner.


Our services are delivered by a group of sincere and committed professionals who have spent their careers delivering significant project and operational outcomes for clients.

We are an astute concept-to- closure consultancy operating in the resource, energy, industrial and infrastructure sectors, with a client focus to:


Secure resource assets and

   access to land,

Deliver project approvals,

   environmental permits and

   production licences,

Ensure and maintain

   operational compliance,

Consider sustainability

    measures throughout the

    project lifecycle, and

Mitigate post-operational



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