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Ardent Group is an environmental management consultancy—each of its senior team have been providing strategic project and operational management services for more than 25 years.

Our mission is to assist our clients with complex, detailed processes that will navigate the legislative and operational requirements of environmental management. 


Bill Haylock, with over 35 years’ experience in the resource and environment sectors, is the Director of the Ardent Group. In 1986, Bill started Queensland’s first exploration and mining tenement management business. Over the years it developed into a diversified resource project approvals and management consultancy, serving many of Queensland’s major mining, power, and gas projects. Bill sold the business in 2008 and now with a dedicated team is opening the doors again as the Ardent Group.

Director and General Manager Permits and Approvals


Richard Smith commenced his career in 1987 with the then Queensland Mines Department, before moving into resource and environmental consultancy and is now the Ardent Group General Manager Permits and Approvals.  He has gained approvals for hundreds of exploration, mining and energy clients and has been involved in providing licensing advice under mining, energy, environmental, water, rail, road and port legislation. Throughout his career, Richard’s work has been client focussed.  He has extensive experience in client liaison, contractor and staff management, stakeholder liaison, and budget setting and achievement. 



General Manager Audits and Compliance


Lana Shoesmith is a Certified Environmental Practitioner with almost 25 years’ experience across most industries including mining, construction, power, water, waste, manufacturing, agriculture and government and is the Ardent Group General Manager Audits and Compliance.  Lana is a registered Lead Environmental Auditor and throughout her career has been engaged to conduct independent third party environmental audits by certification organisations, and State and Federal government departments.  Lana specialises in working with clients to ensure effective systems and processes are in place to demonstrate compliance.



Director and General Manager Environmental Science and Assessment


Richard Davis is an EIANZ Certified Environmental Practitioner, with over 24 years’ experience across a range of industries.  Richard has specialised during the past 12 years in environmental management and planning, environmental licensing and approvals, environmental monitoring and assessments, hydrogeology / environmental geology investigations and assessments.  Richard has also significant experience in Environmental Impact Statements, development assessment & approvals, due diligence assessments, contaminated land management, and EPBC referrals.



Principal Consultant


Margaret Harris has been involved in leading environmental and project approvals in the resources and oil & gas sectors for over 20 years. She specialises in helping to identifying the project permitting and approval strategy and how it will be achieved through the various government statues. She proactively coordinates all of these various statutory approvals, coordinates EISs, sub-consultants and staff to help achieve the clients outcomes. For many years, Marg worked on some of the biggest gas gathering approvals projects in Queensland, as well as some of the more complex mining approvals. She has been a committed Certified Environmental Practitioner, is very aware of due process, community awareness and how to manage effective and efficient permitting requirements.



Senior Consultant


Joanne Salmon has over 11 years’ experience in the waste management and environmental management fields. Joanne has experience in the environmental impact assessment and development approval process, preparation of site based management plan and environmental management plans, waste audits for major heavy industry facilities, contaminated land remediation, waste assessment and waste treatment method development. 

Senior Tenement Consultant


Kathleen Gillis has 10 years’ experience in the tenement administration and titles management in Queensland, together with experience in most mainland states of Australia.  Kathleen helps clients navigate  land access issues, associated approvals and integration with environmental and native title requirements.  

Environmental Consultant


Jacob Arnold has over 4 years’ experience in the environmental management field. Jacob has experience in environmental management for resource and industrial projects including environmental impact assessment, environmental monitoring and assessment, authority and licence applications, management plans and estimated rehabilitation costings.  

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