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PX4 Resources  

For the past 6 months, Ardent Group have been using a new software product PX4 Resources for the secure management of our clients' exploration and mining tenements.


PX4 is an automated, intuitive system that is auditable, quick, and efficient, providing us and our clients with time and cost savings. A wonderful outcome when you have to manage hundreds of tenements.


Some simple administration tasks can sometimes be challenging and time consuming. Before we used PX4 Resources, if a renewal was granted for a term of 5 years, we would need to allocate an hour to manually update all actions.  Using PX4 Resources software means  that click of a button will see all those actions generated in seconds. An hour saved helps us devote time to helping our clients rather than working through administration tedium. Importantly this results in cost savings to out clients!


For our Queensland tenements, the NROLA feature of the software is excellent and proving to be very useful. It makes keeping track of projects a breeze. 


We can definitely recommend PX4 Resources - a sophisticated, automated, secure, software package that allows me to manage my clients' tenements in an effective and efficient manner (and sleep well at night!).  


Please find it here:



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