The re-introduction of a Waste Disposal Levy in Queensland  

The Queensland Government has scheduled a waste disposal levy to come into effect in early 2019, in order to combat inter-state waste transportation.


Consequently, the Queensland Government will introduce legislative amendments before the end of 2018. An associated regulation will be prepared detailing the levy amount, application and differentiation, exemptions, administrative requirements for collection and disbursement, and the levy collection zone.

The proposed levy will be applied to all municipal solid waste, commercial and industrial waste, construction and demolition waste, and regulated wastes that originate from the defined levy zone or are disposed at landfills within the levy zone.


The levy zone will include 38 local government areas throughout Queensland, which encapsulates more than 90% of the Queensland population. Essentially this zone encompasses coastal Qld (up to 300km inland) and the Mount Isa Regional Council.  Wastes generated outside of the levy zone and disposed of outside the levy zone will not incur
the fee.

The levy will have an immediate impact on the costs of all industries within the levy zone.  While it is stated that the money raised by the levy will fund waste reduction programs, the Government has left the door open for the use of these funds in consolidated revenue. 

The government has also flagged the future introduction of landfill disposal bans on selected waste.  The potential list of waste could include tyres, e-waste, agvet chemical containers, concrete and green waste.  All industry sectors need to keep a close eye on these upcoming changes. 


When the relevant draft Bill is available, we will be able to provide further updates. 


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