Wet Season Approaches

With the change in seasons upon us, thoughts start turning to Christmas holidays and perhaps a bit of time on the beach.  However, it also means the wet season will soon be upon us in Queensland and the question is - are you prepared?

Water management on mine sites is a key issue for both the mine operator and the surrounding community.  If you get it wrong it can have a direct impact on production, profits and your standing in the
local community. 

Recently, a company faced some hefty fines (in excess of $250,000) in the Cairns Magistrate Court for not managing the impact of their dam seepage on the environment.  Not only were they subject to hefty fine ($250,000+) but they still have to restore and rehabilitate the impacted area. 

Our general checklist for the approaching wet season includes;

  • Confirm your water management plan is current and reflects site conditions,

  • Check dam water levels, that the mandatory reporting level is clearly marked and confirm that the storage capacity is at least the design storage allowance volume,

  • Review Environmental Authority conditions relating to dams and water release,

  • Review emergency management plans and in particular if you are prepared for the Duty to Notify requirements of the Environmental Protection Act,

  • Make sure your annual regulated dam inspection has been completed.

Different sites have specific requirements, so call us if you would like us to develop your site
specific checklist.